About Me

This is me today

What would you like to know about me?

My background would include being happily married to my wife, Penny, having three beautiful daughters and two wonderful son-in-laws, and having a grandson and another future grandchild to share life with. But that just provides you with surface details.

You can learn a lot about someone when they operate under pressure.  In 2014, I was mis-diagnosed as having a stomach ulcer (because I complained of incredible stomach pains). When they finally decided to do a PET Scan, what they saw upset the nurse so much that he called the doctor (A gastroenterologist who was treating me) and said that the tumors were growing while he was doing the scan!  I didn't hear this until two days later when the doctor sheepishly said he couldn't help me. My primary care physician had also received the reports and recommended an oncologist I see immediately. It was the weekend of Memorial Day. I needed something fast. I knew something was wrong. I just didn't know what it was and how bad it was. 

Diagnosed as having "triple hit lymphoma" I didn't have much time to live. My body was riddled with tumors​ with the most aggressive form of cancer my oncologist had seen in some time. Time was of the essence. 

Dying is a punch in the gut. It makes you think about the meaning of your life and what things you could have done differently.  It makes you think about how you live life.  Without understanding the real relationship we now have with God because of Jesus Christ, we struggle to receive God’s many blessings including healing. I needed healing. How do I get healed? What do I “do”? What is the magic bullet that I need to say or what is it that I need to believe to live? We need to learn how to receive all that God wants to give us, including healing. Sometimes this means unlearning things that we’ve been taught. My book will focus on the ‘how’ of receiving.

It's not what you have to give to God that motivates His love for you. God loves loving you and He wants you healed. This book will help you put yourself in a position to receive all that God wants for you - for  healing, for relationships, and for life itself. You will unlearn what you may have been taught by well-meaning people.  Jesus loves us into living and he loves us into entering into His rest. 

Those who are terminally ill and those who know someone who is terminally ill and those who are caring for the terminally ill will benefit from my book.

When you have cancer and you think there is no hope, who do you turn to? People need encouragement, not rules, and not magic buttons to push. They need to know, understand and receive God’s love for them. Jesus did not have people fill out a questionnaire before He healed them when He was here on earth.  Give up performance living as espoused by religious pharisees so you can receive from God. To the terminally ill it doesn’t matter to them who they are or what they've done. They need to know that God wants them healed. This is not a book focused on the ‘grin and bear it’ approach or just learning to ‘accept’ it. It's about learning to let him love you ​and receive your healing from Him!

In his presence I am young (Psalms 103:5 MSG). God has made me successful in business throughout my life. Today, I'm enjoying God’s love and companionship and still working and still enjoying it. I have not written any books other than this book but i believe you will be encouraged to receive the healing that God has provided for you.